Marketing Automation via Facebook Messenger for Creatives

Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in minutes and engage with 1.2 billion monthly users to promote and sell your creations. 

No coding needed. Creating Chatbot using Fantastic Bots platform is easier than creating a Facebook Page.

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Built by Growth Marketers, for Musicians, Bands, Models, Artists.

How can Fantastic Bots Platform help you?

Send Instant Replies with Valuable Info

Before Fantastic Bots

This is how your messenger behaves BEFORE you have a Fantastic Bot

Your fans come to your messenger and don't get any response

Not sending Instant Replies to fans, reduces fan engagement. 

And it is not humanely possible to be online all the time to interact with hundreds and thousands of fans. 

Before Fantastic Bots
After Fantastic Bots

After Fantastic Bots 

This is how your messenger behaves AFTER converting into a powerful Fantastic Bot  

Now your fans get Instant Replies with valuble information about your creation.

You can promote latest music, shows, portfolio, events, and much more...

You can generate sales from merchandise, affliate links, music albums, etc.

FEATURE AVAILABLE FOR: Models, Bands, Indie Musicians

Direct Message your Fans with One Click

Why your social media posts don't get enough engagement?

People are overwhelmed with information. Your posts appear on fans' news feed along with various other feeds and advertisements. 

There is a high chance that your fans are not online on Facebook all the time to see your post.

NOW, imagine if you could send direct messages to all your fans on Messenger with just a single click? 

FEATURE AVAILABLE FOR: Models, Bands, Indie Musicians

Send DM with Fantastic Bots
fantastic bots merch

Monetize your Messenger

Fantastic Bots enables you to sell Merchandise via Facebook Messenger.

You can create your own Product Categories, tag items as New Arrivals or On Sale. 

And you can direct your fans to your store to do the purchase.

FEATURE AVAILABLE FOR: Models, Bands, Indie Musicians

Promote Creations, Events and Portfolios

Curated Menu Options for Creatives

Whether you are are musician, band, a model or an artist, Fantastic Bots have curated menu options for each category.

Musicians and Bands - they can promote their latest albums, shows, and streaming platforms.

Models - they can promote their portfolio, art, videos, pictures, and merchandise.

Fantastic Bots Promotions

All the above features work for Models and Bands or Musicians

Who should use Fantastic Bots Platform?

Creatives (Musicians, Bands, Models) who

  • have just launched their New Album or have a Portfolio
  • have their own Merchandise or affliliate Products and want to increase sales
  • want to Direct Message their fans about their shows and sell tickets or tell them about new photographs that are coming out
  • wants to increase their followers on Twitter, Instagram, Online Music Platforms, Online Modeling Platforms
  • launched or planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign
  • Independent musicians or Freelance models building their fan base and looking to generate business on Auto-pilot

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